I apologize for the extra .htm and .jpg.  Working in VPN from an IPad can be a challenge.  

There are two powerpoints attached:

AAS 2020 presentation which provides an overview of the LC activities in Southeast Asia in fiscal year 2019.

Participant pages provides brief look at the new pages that will be rolled out this spring/summer.  

If there is time today (and I can join on Zoom) I will be glad to answer questions.  

Am I correct in assuming all tele-meetings for tomorrow have been cancelled?

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Attached are two powerpoints (with some other junk images) that will be the foundation of my discussions.  I am signing into email twice a day. This afternoon had some problems because the Library’s systems are overloaded with the teleworkers.  

Provided the Wisconsin library is open on Wednesday and Thursday, I will join Larry (at six feet) in a conference room.

Can you please share this with the group.

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I am sorry I seem to lose the USB drives.  Please save these two powerpoints to a USB drive.  I will then save my last one tomorrow or Monday.


Carol L. Mitchell, M.L.S., Ph.D.

Library of Congress, Southeast Asia Office

American Embassy, Jakarta


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