Hi Carol,

Kindly hold Berkeley shipment until further notice.



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Dear Carol,


Please hold any of our shipments. We are in campus lockdown, officially until 4/30, but I expect it to be longer.


Thank you,




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Hi Carol, 


Please hold Cornell's shipments. We are completely closed now.







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Subject: Thank you


Thank you for joining in on the conversation from across the US.  


Shipments: Please let me know if we should be holding shipments.  We will do our best.  We are working to get you a list of shipments from the March 1, 2020.  Look for that next week in your email.  You may also want to check the shipment part of your current website.


Staffing at embassies continues to decline as staff limit their commuting time exposure. Just this morning (their evening) the Governor declared Jakarta in a “state of Emergency”.  Until this time we were getting one delivery a week. That may change.  


Thailand has postponed the Songkran holiday.  


We are continuing work on the participant pages. I welcome suggestions for parts that may not be included in the new update. We are trying to make it so the landing page contains some information that may be helpful.  This new landing page will be IP recognition which means I can put some statistics and office information there. If you can think of a way to make this a page for all of us, let me know. Let me know if you can help with any testing. 


Like everyone else, I will be working from home.  I do not have access to your profiles, but can get that when staff are in the office.  We can also get your serials lists.  


I discussed the circulars. We will start issuing them; however, in all likelihood we will not be able to place orders.  We are going to extend the time from 2 weeks to one month knowing it will be some time before we have regular ordering process and regular order fulfillment.