Hello, everyone:
I'm late to this reply but have appreciated all the information everyone has shared and so felt obligated to share what's happening in the Buckeye State.
First, I was disappointed by (but completely understood!) the cancellation of the Ideas Exchange. I was looking forward to my first time to meet everyone in-person and to visit DC again. Next year! 
As for our Ohio Center-related programming, we've, of course, had to cancel anything that was going to be public. The "staff" of the Center is also the staff of the Literature department at Cleveland Public Library, so we do a lot of the programming from the department under the auspices of the Center. We've tried to make material from the programs available to the broader statewide community with some success. Still on my plate to do much more of that! There's still time since my 1 year anniversary in this position is April 15. What a difference a year makes!
Additionally, since the closure of the library on March 14, I haven't been able to ask staff to do any assignments as we are a Union library. I'm sure some would be more than happy to help, but rules are rules.
Along with our current Scholar-in-Residence Dr. Valentino Zullo, I've been planning online book discussions during this time patterned after our Get Graphic! initiative involving comics. We're having one this Thursday to discuss Ms. Marvel: No Normal. Wish us luck! It's a solid work, and I tweeted it's Ohio connections here.
I've tried to keep communication with the outside world going through our social media channels: Twitter @cplocfb and Facebook (Feel free to follow us!) with the assistance of Dr. Zullo. As an aside, our Scholar had to defend his dissertation virtually during the first week of stay-at-home orders here in Ohio! He did it successfully, and so is officially a PhD in English now. His dissertation title is “Freudian Strips: Comics, Mental Health, and the Psychologization of America.”
I've also had a VERY soft launch of our WIkipedia Project to edit the encyclopedia's articles relating to Ohio's literary heritage. I thought this was a perfect chance to at least plant the idea with people working from home. I plan to promote it more and see what happens.
I wish everyone all the best.


Don Boozer
Cleveland Public Library
Literature Department
Homebound Services
The Ohio Center for the Book
325 Superior Avenue NE | Cleveland, OH 44114
216-902-4947 (office)

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Subject: working in the age of coronavirus

Dear Affiliates,


It is hard for me sometimes to believe how are lives and work activities have so drastically changed in just the past two weeks!


I just started teleworking last week and am still getting used to the lack of social interchange with my colleagues face-to-face. I have never teleworked before because I have always enjoyed coming into the office each day. It also puts me in a “work” mindset. The constant racket from the construction project next door is a constant and annoying distraction. If you know Alexandria, Va., and its historic district, then you know we all live in rowhouses in a densely populated neighborhood. I live in one of those rowhouses, attached on only one side. Right next door, about 12 feet away, they are erecting a large Sunrise senior living facility on what has been a parking lot for the entire 33 years I have lived in this house. At least when the times comes, I won’t have to move very far!


On a more serious level, I am writing to reach out and learn how all of you are coping, how your work, activities and plans have changed, and what I (and the Library of Congress) can do to support you. I can tell you we are planning to release online later this week the beginning of a series of reading and learning activities with some top authors who have agreed to work with us to reach out to young readers who are home from school. As soon as I have details, I will let you know. Perhaps it is something you can offer your users.


Can you tell us if you are engaging in any novel approaches to reaching your constituencies?


What activities have you been forced to cancel? Are you doing any virtual programming?


Are you involved in a state or local book festival? Are you making contingency plans?


Anything you would like to say to get the conversation going, please share.


Take care. I hope we return to “normal” soon, whatever the new normal may be.






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