April 14 - May 20, 2020 | Wikidata online training |

Hi everyone, did you know that when a museum attendee Googles an artist in your collection, or a library patron looks up an author from your stacks, the panel that comes up on the right-hand side of those search results usually pulls information from Wikidata, the open data repository behind Wikipedia? Let our online Wikidata training courses teach you how to get your institutions data online and into the hands of millions. Join a course for beginners, or an advanced course for a more project-based approach.

“Wikidata will be one of the key architectures that link

the world's information together.”

Where “Wikipedia attracts people interested in writing prose, Wikidata compels dot-connectors, puzzle-solvers, and completionists,” writes Richard Cooke for Wired last month. And “of the 80 million items that have been added to Wikidata so far, around half have been entered by human volunteers” so your help is needed! 

Our online training courses invite you to join this vast ecosystem of knowledge while achieving long term goals for your institution. From Cooke: "There are subprojects aiming to itemize every sitting politician on earth, every painting in every public collection worldwide, and every gene in the human genome into searchable, adaptable, and machine-readable form.” We'll show you how to get your collections data online and into the hands of millions. 

Join us: visit to read more and sign up! The next round of courses start April 14th.


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Samantha Weald 
Customer Success Manager
Wiki Education