Agatha Christie wrote six romance novels under the pseudonym Mary
Westmacott per the Westmacott authority. Currently there are three titles
established under Westmacott in the LCNAF. All three have been republished
in recent years as "by Agatha Christie writing as Mary Westmacott." This
raises several questions.

1. When this formulation is used, which is the correct choice for a work's
authorized access point--the "by" name, or the "writing as" name? How
should we interpret "Works by this author are entered under the name used
in the item" in this case?

2. When all titles initially published under a pseudonym are republished
under an author's better known identity, should the pseudonym change in
LCNAF from a separate 100 to a 400 under the better known identity?

3a. If the 100 does become a 400, is it still appropriate to preserve 400
name/title entries established under a name no longer established
separately? For example:

100 1 $a Christie, Agatha, $d 1890-1976. $t Giant's bread
400 1 $w nne $a Westmacott, Mary, $d 1890-1976. $t Giant's bread

3b. If a title published under the pseudonym was never established,  is it
still appropriate to have 400 name/title entries under a name no longer
established separately? For example:

100 1 $a Christie, Agatha, $d 1890-1976. $t Daughter's burden
400 1 $a Westmacott, Mary, $d 1890-1976. $t Daughter's burden

4. In these cases, if a pseudonym like Westmacott is preserved as a
separate 100 identity and does not become a 400 for Christie, can both
names appear as access points in bib records, e.g., one as 100 and the
other as 700?

The catalog records entered under Westmacott in OCLC indicate a fair amount
of uncertainty how to deal with these cases.


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