We have a bib record on chemical risk management published in 1999? by the EPA which is credited to the unestablished 'Kaiser, Geoffrey D."  Pete has found a cache of bib records in OCLC for a nuclear physics symposium held in Coral Gables, Florida, in 1969, credited to "Kaiser, Geoffrey." 

I like to check initials, so I looked in OCLC under "Kaiser, G. D." for our guy. I found:
Some notes taken by "G.D. Kaiser" on lectures by P.A.M. Dirac on quantum mechanics, published in Coral Gables in 1969
A series of reports by "G.D. Kaiser" on safety issues around emissions at nuclear plants in Britain, published 1971-1979
A report on nuclear plant safety in the US published in 1985

So I searched in Google on "Geoffrey D. Kaiser" and found an article by "G.D. Kaiser" from Nuclear safety 27.3, 1986, page 369, with an author footnote detailing his career:
B.A. from University of Cambridge, 1964
Ph.D. from Cavendish Laboratory, 1968
Six years post-grad work in theoretical elementary particle physics
After that, six years with the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, Safety and Reliability Directorate
Joined NUS Corporation in Gaithersburg, Md., continuing to work on nuclear plant emissions safety

I think Pete and I are looking at the same guy, and that "Kaiser, Geoffrey D." or "Kaiser, G. D. $q (Geoffrey D.)" would be better AAP options than "Kaiser, Geoffrey." We'll sort out which of us follows through on establishing him. NB: without Pete's raising the question, I'm not sure I would have pulled all these threads together.



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I think you should definitely qualify your Geoffrey.  It's not just etiquette, I'm pretty sure it's policy.

On the question of etiquette/policy, I'm seeing certain contributors repeatedly add qualifiers to existing unqualified names just so they can enter a new authority record with the same unqualified name for a different person. I wish they'd stop.  It makes it hard to keep bib records linked to the correct authority.

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I’ve got what I think of as an etiquette question.


Recently the 100 in the authority record for “Kaiser, Geoffrey” (n 85329639) was changed to “Kaiser, Geoffrey R.”  The old form remains as a 400 $w nne.


There is another Geoffrey Kaiser whom I need to establish.  He’s an editor of the book “Coral Gables Conference on Fundamental Interactions at High Energy” (OCLC #60408).  A personal name phrase search in OCLC suggests he and Geoffrey R. are the only people by the name Geoffrey Kaiser appearing in OCLC.


I’d like to change the 400 $w nne in n 85329639 to “Kaiser, Geoffrey $q (Geoffrey R.)” and establish my Geoffrey without qualification.  I’d have to take off the $w subfield, I guess.


Is there anything wrong with this?  I realize it will eliminate the “hook” by which certain systems perform needed authority flips.  But maybe those flips have mostly been made already.


What do you think?  Alternatively, should I qualify my Geoffrey even though the 400 for Geoffrey R. is the only conflict?




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