In this case, the provision at LC-PCC PS,, Alternative:

LC-PCC PS,, Alternative
LC practice/PCC practice for Alternative: Apply the alternative for anonymous works created before 1501 and written neither in Greek nor in the Latin alphabet. Choose as the preferred title an established title in English if there is one.

does not apply, since this particular work was *not* created *before* 1501.  Then, according to RDA,

If a title of work is found in a script that differs from a preferred script of the agency creating the data, transliterate the title according to the scheme chosen by the agency.

Then, according to LC-PCC PS, 5.4, Authority records:

LC-PCC PS, 5.4, Authority records:
LC practice/PCC practice for Alternative (1st): Record a transliterated form of the title in authorized access points for works and expressions where applicable, following the ALA-LC Romanization Tables: Transliteration Schemes for Non-Roman Scripts, approved by the Library of Congress and the American Library Association.

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Hi Jay,


I believe you are correct, and that authorized access point should have been established under its Japanese title rather than the English translation, following RDA 6.2.24.







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I suspect no2019001447 Throne of blood (Motion picture : 1957) has the wrong authorized access point and want to get confirmation before I change it. As it is a Japanese-language movie, shouldn’t the authorized access point be its title in Japanese, namely “Kumonosu-jō (Motion picture : 1957)” ?


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