RDA says to take the place of publication from the same source as the title if it's on that source.  So that's what I do.

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Subject: Fuller place of publication

Hello collective wisdom...

I understand the difference between transcription and recording. There is no problem there. My question is about "fullness" of information in the place of publication.

Publishers do use abbreviations in the primary source of information (aka title page) for a manifestation. And if I follow the instructions as they are written, I will transcribe what it is in the source of information. My query or concern is what to use for transcription when there is the full place name in the verso of the title page.

For example, I have San Josť, C.R. in the title page (primary source), nonetheless, I have in the verso the full place as San Josť, Costa Rica. Which to use? I couldn't find anything about fullness in this element (other than for names).

Thanks in advance for your replies. You all keep safe during these troubled times.



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