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Hi -- I don't know for certain because I am not looking at the text just now, but yes Beck is correct.
I've worked on many Program for Cooperative Cataloging and Library of Congress documentation revision working groups
and historically, vertical lines in the margins of text mean some revision/addition/change has taken place within that line.

Typically, these lines and marks of revision are removed from final documents, but I have certainly seen some sneak through into the final text.

Everett Allgood

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I downloaded the PDF from the Library of Congress website. I don't have access to Cataloger's Desktop. I suspect the lines have something to do with revisions but I could be wrong. I'm looking at instruction 6 if that helps.

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I’m looking at H373 in Cataloger’s Desktop, and I don’t see any vertical lines.  What platform are you using to access the SHM?


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What do the vertical lines in the margins beside text in the Subject Headings Manuals mean? 


The specific instruction I'm looking at is about adding a parenthetical qualifier after an abbreviation in a 4XX field (H373).




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