​$v - is the form/genre; $x - is about the form genre.  How you can have a Congress of $v is beyond me (perhaps the pictures got together at night after the museum closed and started conferring).

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Subject: [PCCLIST] $v Art vs $x Art

What is the difference between the following subject headings (Cf. bib (OCoLC) 52442717) vs (OCLC) 150835830)?


Athena ‡c (Greek deity) ‡v Art ‡v Congresses

Athena ‡c (Greek deity) ‡x Art ‡v Congresses


And (Cf. (OCoLC) 45539635) vs (OCoLC) 466762391)?  


Athena ‡c (Greek deity) ‡v Art ‡v Exhibitions

Athena ‡c (Greek deity) ‡x Art ‡v Exhibitions


The SHM instruction under “H 1110 $v Art” seems to have been causing this problem on a massive scale in OCLC. The second part of the sentence where it states “[Use for] … or works for discussing such art” is perhaps the culprit. This part actually refers to the use of “$x Art” (lccn sh 99001934) and not “$v” (lccn sh 99001267).


For the sake of clarity, why not insert “$x Art” somewhere in the text?