The first requirement for any automated process is going to be a consistent and accurate method of matching Digital Object A with Folder A.  Your folders in the EAD don't have unique IDs, you say.  My suggestion would be to add them before you start the project (this can be done with a script).  When you digitize an item from that folder, use the folder ID as the root for the file name.

For example, say you have <c03 id="f1205">
Anything you digitize from that folder could then be named with that root and a sequential number, e.g.  f1205-001.tif, f1205-002.tif, etc.

When you're done, a script can be written to automatically insert links into the EAD.

Both the script to add the IDs and the script to insert the dao's can be written in a variety of languages and using a variety of different approaches.  I'd probably do both in XSL, but there are other methods.  Do you have any script-writing experience? If not, what sort of tech support do you have?  If none, you could consider contracting with someone to do it for you, or perhaps finding a computer science grad student looking for an internship or class project.

As to dao, it would definitely be better to use that rather than extref.  I'd be happy to help you update you legacy style sheet to handle it, if you want.  I like doing that kind of thing :)


Michele Combs
Lead Archivist, Special Collections Research Center
Syracuse University
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Subject: Inserting folder links to digital files

Hello, hope everyone is doing well and managingÖ.

Has anyone created an automated way to insert links for digital files in large legacy EADs?

Iíve only done them manually into short ones, but we are contemplating a large digitization project.  It seems there must be something/someway Ė and itís just my lack of familiarity with tools.

This EAD has nearly 4000 folders.  Our practice has been to hyperlink the folder titles directly using <extref>. (I know this isnít standard, but our legacy stylesheet doesnít handle <dao> and we donít have any support for updating it.)  The folder containers donít have unique ďidĒ attributes.

Any advice would be appreciated, either of tools or workflow processes that have made this more efficient.




Deena Schwimmer, Archivist

Yeshiva University Archives