Hi, Guy,

We were sorry you had to leave the chat today, and -- of course -- when you
get this many creative thinkers in one place ideas bubble up.  Here's one
of the strongest that we want to move on quickly.

We want to expand the "Discover Great Places Through Reading" project,
creating strong links to our home turf and making of the entire a great
reading promotion program to support summer reading nationwide.

I've been delegated to send you this summary and to see if I can instigate
with you a conversation about possible support.  .

Our thought is a 10 to 11 week book-a-day launch of each of the 53 to 54
books selected for the program by the state center affiliates in the
states, districts, territories.  The template for these virtual promos is
going to be hashed out in subcommittee very soon.  (Suzanne/Indiana is
calling the meeting; Lizz/Maine will be the tech host.)  Ideas we tossed
around include author appearances, story telling, illustrator links,
reading/discussion activities, etc.  Wendy from VT will have great ideas
about STEM links, too, I have no doubt!

We will create a landing page for this project and either grab a URL (as we
have done for or use the LOC page ( as the launch site, depending on LOC capacity
at this time.  (That page is part of a rather broken section of
which may or may not be rebuilt  in time?)

At any rate, we are imagining this as an annual project that can either be
the lead up to the celebration of these books at NBF or a standalone
project in any year that NBF attendance is impacted.   In many ways we see
this as a natural component of the LOC Engage! intiative.

We would like to open a conversation with you about financial support for
this initiative in the coming week or two.  We are hopeful that there will
be some funds available to incubate the project this year and let us create
a proof of concept that we can seek secure funding for in the years
to come.

I'll try to call you in the coming day or two to see if we can set up a
conference call with a few representatives offering various components of
support for the idea..  (For ex, Jane Kulow (Virginia), Suzanne Walker, and
Lizz Sinclair are taking a lead on content; Rocco Staino is thinking about
a possible link with Kid Lit TV; and so on.   I'd like to loop in and ala as promo partners.

As you may gather, we put this idea on our front burner and look forward to
moving it forward.

Talk soon,


Sharon Shaloo, Executive Director
Mass Center for the Book
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617.872.3718 (office)