Hi All,


I created a folder for State CfB Meetings, and I added the contact info. Google sheet an d the Virtual Meeting Sign Up Sheet to it. Also, I’ve created a folder for mission statements.


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Karen O’Connell

Coordinator of the Arkansas Center for the Book

Arkansas State Library


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Great!  Glad it worked, M.  


And -- again -- if you are not allowed to link via bit.ly, the long list is




Sharon Shaloo, Executive Director

Mass Center for the Book 

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I was able to connect to the drive and I was able to create a folder (I think). If anyone has a book festival thing to share there should now be a folder to put it in.

Thanks Sharon for setting this up!


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Hi, All,

Nice to talk today.  I promise to have combed my hair before the next meeting so I can use my camera!

My task was to set up a google drive.

Here is the link to the drive:  https://bit.ly/StateCenterDrive<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://bit.ly/StateCenterDrive__;!!Oai6dtTQULp8Sw!A76ALhIKMYJq1Q1xV9Z4pojI6_Ezf-l4PXb6eGdgAKBd3Fr5DYFmuSqxzjmP3uUuDIF2AA$>

Each of you should be able to edit ... but I am known to screw up permissions the first time around so if one of you will test to see if you can get to the shared space and confirm or send out a note on the listserv that I need to tweak that would be great.


P.S.  Now for TMI on this:

In order for us to have a full shared Google Drive, I would need to set up a Google Suite account., give us all enterprise emails, and then grant access, etc.

I set up a Nonprofit Suite for MCB a couple of years ago and recall it required our 501c3 info etc, which the state network doesn't have.  Instead, I did a quick and dirty option of creating a new gmail account and then a "My Drive" linked to that mail.  I can't share out that entire drive, but I can share a folder from the drive ... so I made an umbrella folder into which we will add everything.  I put the email and pw info in a welcome doc in the folder so you can add this account to your own system..

As you add docs please remember to upload them to this drive rather than simply sharing them (which would require someone to check periodically and add them him/herself.

If, down the line, the network becomes its own entity, this solution can be revisited, but for now this works, I hope!

Sharon Shaloo, Executive Director
Mass Center for the Book
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617.872.3718 (office)