Lizz --

 I would love to attend one of your skill shares if you have room for me. The next one (4/30 or 5/7?) would be great if that is possible.



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It was so good to see and learn from everyone yesterday. It did my heart good.

Some of you asked about the skill shares we have been offering to our partners and facilitators in Maine. They are geared toward someone who wants to learn more about hosting and thinking about having discussions of a text (a poem, etc…) using zoom and google slides. The skills are also transferable toward other types of discussions. We offer them to 15 people at a time, and they are about 90 minutes.

We connected with some folks who use this platform a lot and have found ways to make zoom discussions more grounded, interactive, and warmer than I, at least, thought they could be. People very proficient w/ managing zoom meetings may get less out of this, but may still learn some things if unfamiliar with incorporating interactivity via google slides and starting meetings w/ a way to ground people. I could demonstrate grounding activity and check in for the start of a future meeting if folks would like that.

Please contact me directly<[log in to unmask];!!Oai6dtTQULp8Sw!E39Nzg4OAHq_iW8AnApHtYJlOf50h-U9R9sbDtp0Z5l5jaK3abXdfYRySNcci1HZOxGFPg$> if you are interested in learning any more about the skill shares, or if you would like to attend one. They fill fast, but I am pretty we sure could open up some spots for colleagues who think this would help them meet their Center’s programming needs/goals. We are offering them on Thursday afternoons throughout May, 1-2:30.

Take good care, everyone! Keep being awesome!


Lizz Sinclair

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Maine Humanities Council / Maine Center for the Book

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Maine communities transformed by the power & pleasure of ideas

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For those of you who are not able to use<;!!Oai6dtTQULp8Sw!E39Nzg4OAHq_iW8AnApHtYJlOf50h-U9R9sbDtp0Z5l5jaK3abXdfYRySNcci1FawiXLuw$>, here is the long link to the drive:<;!!Oai6dtTQULp8Sw!E39Nzg4OAHq_iW8AnApHtYJlOf50h-U9R9sbDtp0Z5l5jaK3abXdfYRySNcci1GRImHPNA$>

Sorry for not thinking about that!



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Hi, Sharon and Mary -

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Mary – What is the link?

As of today, our Louisiana Book Festival remains scheduled for Halloween, Oc.t 31.



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