Hi, All, 

I am confused about our various group meeting dates. There seem to be a bunch of them and I am wondering if all are happening?

Are we meeting on May 6th (or was it the 7th)  in lieu of the inperson date we were all holding?  Is it for 1/2 day?  Are we also meeting on another day that week for a 1/2 day?  Or are these not confirmed? 

I know we also had a scheduled meeting of the coordinators coming up (the ones we signed up to be tech/content leads on...).  Is that also going on?  When?

And finally, when is the next informal gathering?  I thought we were doing the  4th Weds of the month, but the invitation I got from Tim/Michigan is for a Thurs?   (I tried to ask him directly about this, but haven't rec'd answer and so assume I have his email address wrong.)

Please help me sort through all of this?  My calendar has more questions than answers in re LOC network.

Thanks in advance, 


Sharon Shaloo, Executive Director
Mass Center for the Book 
617.872.3718 (office)