Hi all,

I am new to this listserv, and hope you have a nice and productive day. 
Here is my question. I would like to use a bibliographic record (OCLC) that has field 856 with the link to the digitized version of the same edition of the book from LoC.  I was wondering if I can reuse the field as it is in the original record with the added explanation that this is a digitized version of the same edition of the book, added in the subfield $z. 

856 41 $3 Page view $d rbctos $f (Electronic name here) $u (Link to digitized book pages here)

Should I change also the second indicator to # (since this is not the same item (book copy)?
I would appreciate if you share what is the best way to use the field and the link included in [$u] in other library catalogs so users have access to this digitized version.

Thank you so much!
G. Kostova