April 15 - May 20, 2020 | Elevate your Collection | Wednesdays at 9am PST

Hi everyone, I hope this email finds you well as you adjust to quickly changing work demands right now. If you're looking for virtual projects and networking opportunities during this difficult time, please know that our metadata management courses around Wikidata provide GLAM institutions with a concrete way to execute digital projects from home. Our tried and tested online training infrastructure has helped dozens of GLAM professionals conceptualize projects with real institutional impact.

To support all registrants, we are offering group discounts and still have 5 seats eligible for financial aid for courses that start next week. Check out our registration forms linked from data.wikiedu.org for more details about our courses and our financial services. You may also email me at any time with questions.

The Digital Collections team at Carnegie Hall, Lisa Barrier and Kathryn Gronsbell, went into their Wikidata course expecting to receive an introduction to editing (and maybe querying) but came out of it also with a new understanding of how to interpret, share, and grow Carnegie Hall’s archival collection and performance data.

We understood that increasing our experience with and exposure to Wikidata would help us plan for upcoming data projects. We can now work on continuing alignment between Wikidata and Carnegie Hall’s performance history data (CH-LOD) and create items for under-described or lesser known entities (including performers, composers, and artists) who may not be described in other datasets.” – Digital Collections Associate Lisa Barrier and Digital Collections Manager Kathryn Gronsbell, Carnegie Hall.

Enroll at data.wikiedu.org to reserve your seat! Registration closes Friday.


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Samantha Weald
Customer Success Manager
Wiki Education