NLS Operations Alert


No. 20-31


DATE        :   April 24, 2020

TO            :   Network Libraries

FROM       :   Karen Keninger, Director

SUBJECT :   A Message from the Director



Dear Colleagues,


Books have been a mainstay of my life since my parents read to me as a small child. And NLS and the network libraries have been a foundational requirement for me since I was seven years old and could read for myself both braille and talking books. So I cannot help but feel a very personal appreciation for the work I see continuing both at NLS and in the network libraries to make sure that patrons have books and magazines to read. Perhaps reading becomes even more important during this time of isolation and social distancing, but we all know that reading is always a fundamental part of our patrons’ lives.


Throughout the network and at NLS, I am seeing extraordinary dedication to the mission and creative and forward-thinking efforts to remove the barriers that have arisen as shelter-in-place, social distancing, and other precautions have changed the way we live and work.


I know there are some obstacles we have yet to surpass, and we are all looking for untrodden paths around them. I also believe that we will come out of this experience stronger as a network, and with new tools, forged in the crucible of necessity to serve us well going forward.


So please allow me to express my sincere gratitude, appreciation, and admiration for each and all of you who serve our patrons in this time of pandemic and precautions, so That All May Read.


Karen Keninger

Director, NLS

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