NLS on the Move

April 30, 2020

The latest on our new initiatives


An update on key projects and publications

Duplication on Demand (DoD): Until recently, only WebREADS libraries could use NLS’s Gutenberg DoD system. But last year we began working with Keystone Systems to make its KLAS circulation software compatible with Gutenberg—a big step toward making DoD available throughout the NLS network. We already have deployed KLAS + Gutenberg to four libraries. The rollout to more KLAS libraries will resume when NLS staff can safely return to our building.

And here’s a great workaround for DoD libraries that have had to suspend physical circulation: they can work with a “duplication buddy” to redirect patron orders to another network library that’s still able to maintain operations.

Babak Zarin at VA1L has been collaborating with James Norman at VA1A to use the remote duplication capability of WebREADS + Gutenberg to temporarily redirect VA1L’s DoD orders to VA1A. Zarin can log in to WebREADS via a VPN connection to create on-demand orders and update patron preferences. At VA1A, the orders are duplicated on cartridge and mailed directly to VA1L patrons. Patrons return the cartridge to VA1A, where it is checked back into the system. VA1L’s circulation records are automatically updated, so everything works as normal, except that the duplication is occurring remotely instead of at VA1L’s own facilities.

Talking Book Topics (TBT): The large-print edition of the March/April issue of TBT was mailed to patrons and is available on audio through BARD. Accessible HTML and PDF versions are also available on the NLS website. Bulk mailings to libraries are being held by the printer for later distribution. The same will be true for the May/June issue, which we expect to mail to patrons the first week of June. The HTML version on the NLS website, available the last week of May, will include improved navigation for those accessing the page with a screen reader. TBT is not being distributed on cartridge at this time because of vendor closures.

Braille Book Review (BBR): The large-print edition of the March/April issue of BBR has been mailed to patrons. This issue is available as HTML on the NLS website. BRF files are available on the NLS website and from BARD. The May/June issue will be available on the NLS website and on BARD in May. Hard-copy braille production of all issues of BBR is indefinitely on hold because of vendor closures.

Magazines: Magazines are being posted on BARD in audio and ebraille, but are not currently available on cartridge or in hard-copy braille. We anticipate that back issues will be made available via the Magazine on Cartridge program and in hard-copy braille when normal operations resume. Some audio magazines, including the Economist, are not available at all because of the closure of production facilities.

Reading disability certification pilot: The three libraries participating in the pilot project launched in October 2019 are either partially or fully closed, so we do not anticipate receiving additional data for the foreseeable future.

We at NLS are doing all we can to maintain regular schedules for key projects and publications. We’re inspired by all the ways that you in the network have found to creatively address the challenges you face, and we thank you for your work.

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