Just to +1 what Paloma says about Description Authentication. The only reason any of us outside of national libraries would be using it is to say that something is pcc. The current template does have a lookup to all the possible codes, though we have the full text rather than the code itself. So "pcc" is "Program for Cooperative Cataloging" in the lookup.


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Hi Jesse,


my understanding of “Description Authentication” is that it serves the purpose of the 042 marc field so I see folks using this to indicate that it is a ‘pcc’ authenticated description. Since the Ransom Center is not BIBCO or CONSER we are just not using it.


We have created our own admin template with just the properties that apply to us and local defaults ( And there is some current work on the profiles group to develop un-nested admin metadata templates that institutions can use to put their defaults without having to update any other profile. NLM has been testing an unnested one here ( Another tweak on these templates is that the modification data is a sub-template, so you can add as many modifications metadata as needed keeping the integrity of the metadata.


Hope this helps.



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We created our own templates with local defaults in the Admin Metadata. So far only Monographs, but the Admin Template could be linked to any other profile. So far, we haven't found a reason to have an institution-specific Work template, but for Instance, Item, and Admin we had local modifications or defaults we wanted to include.


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Good morning, happy friday


I hope this finds everyone healthy


We were talking today in our local bi-weekly Sinopia cataloging meeting about how we should best use and interface with Admin Metadata. It's important.


We want to know how folks are using 'Description Authentication'


Are folks creating their own templates with defaults?

Are you choosing on a per-cataloging-resource-in-hand basis?

Any other thoughts on this topic, we should be thinking about?


thank you (have a good weekend)




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