Thanks Carol.  Not sure if you have, or want since it's not from SEA, the following Washington Post, April 29 article
Vietnam offers tough lessons for U.S. on coronavirus

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Subject: Fw: Collecting on COVID in Southeast Asia

‚ÄčLike many in the Library of Congress, the Jakarta office has been busy sourcing materials on the pandemic.  Whenever possible we are adding materials to our PDF collection or, if a website, to the Library's ongoing web harvesting collection.  A few weeks ago we shared a list of official resources. These are being added to the collection (they were already collected by the IIPC).

Attached is spreadsheet of our initial effort to document the more ephemeral materials on the pandemic.

Let me know if you have any questions or know of information that can be added to the collections.

Carol L. Mitchell, Ph.D.
Field Director, Jakarta Office
Library of Congress

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