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The Alvin O. Ramsley Technical Library has the following excess books available.  

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Load carriage in military operations : a review of historical, physiological, biomechanical, and medical aspects	Knapik	2010	D807.U6.K63 2010

The International c2 journal  - vol. 1 #1  2007		2007	U150.I58

Today's challenge : tomorrow's Army : a supplement to the Army's chain teaching program.		1992	UA25.T52 1992

U.S. Army Materiel Command : essential in peace, indispensable in war.		2004	UA25.U77 2004

Assessing readiness in military women : the relationship of body composition, nutrition, and health		1998	UB418.W65.I54 1998

Water requirements and soldier hydration 	Montain	2010	UC789.M66 2010

Lightning over water : sharpening America's light forces for rapid-reaction missions	Matsumura	2000	UD160.L57 2000

Star 21 : strategic technologies for the army of the twenty-first century	NRC	1992	UG23.N38 1992

Jane's chemical-biological defense guidebook 	Ali	1999	UG447.8.J36 2004

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