Thanks Karen, 

In re: spreadsheet:

can we simply paste jpegs of our bookjackets into a spreadsheet?  I would have thought not (?).  If we need to upload instead and don't want to default to a submission system,   I can create a DropBox folder to share out (as I did in 2016 when everyone sent images for a Great Reads poster), and people can upload their files.  

for those not around then, here's a link to that poster:  

It was done in-house here at MCB and  so is a bit underdesigned ... but it does present the scope of the project  we are now trying to virtualize.  


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Mass Center for the Book 
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Hi All,


Draft minutes from the meeting yesterday are on the Agenda doc. I don’t think I noted all of the ambassadors who volunteered…. Please don’t hesitate to edit/adjust the minutes. Also, Sharon sent me the Great Reads Google sheet from last year, and Lisa sent me column headers from Route-1 Reads. From theses, I drafted a 2020 Great Reads Google sheet, which can also be edited as needed.


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