A follow up on book jacket images for the Great Reads –


Links to the publisher’s version of the book jacket that is available for promotional use is always the best – this makes it clear that we have permission to use it. If you are requesting a high resolution image directly from the publisher, please forward their permission to use it directly to me at [log in to unmask].


The images can also be uploaded to a Dropbox folder or other shared drive (which would need to be set up). In this case, please rename the file so that it starts with the state abbreviation or name. They can also be emailed directly to me with the following text in the subject line: State Name Great Read.


To make the printable reading lists on read.gov, I need higher resolution images – preferably 300 dpi with at least one side over 400 pixels in width or height. 96 dpi is okay if 300 dpi is unavailable. Watermarked thumbnails like those used on Amazon are not okay. Generally, the images used on Barnes and Noble are a good size and resolution, but I always prefer the version directly from the publisher.


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From: Center for the Book state centers communication <[log in to unmask]> On Behalf Of Lamolinara, Guy
Sent: Friday, May 15, 2020 9:09 AM
To: [log in to unmask]
Subject: news re National Book Festival and other matters
Importance: High


Dear Affiliate Centers for the Book,


As you probably already guessed, the Library of Congress National Book Festival will not be able to hold its annual event in the Washington Convention Center on Aug. 29, as previously planned. I have heard from a number of you already that your state’s festival has either been canceled, postponed or is going virtual.


We have decided to go the last route and hold our 20th National Book Festival in  a virtual manner. We are still working out details and have not settled on a date. Because we have not yet made a formal announcement, may I ask that you not share this info widely and only provide it to those you believe need to know? We will be making a formal announcement via news release in a few weeks.


With that being said, we still plan on going ahead with the Great Reads list that our attendees look forward to every year. I will be back in touch, I hope soon, on how we will present this in a virtual space. Can I please ask that you enter your choices on the document linked below no later than Friday, May 29?





It is also the time of year when I need your annual reports. Can you please send them to me no later than Friday, June 5? In the past, some states have not submitted reports. I really need these reports when considering whether a center should be renewed for another 3-year period. (I will soon be sending out renewal notices to centers that are due.)   These reports need not be exhaustive; bullet points are acceptable if that is the format you prefer. Please send as Word attachments and use this language in the subject line: Name of State CFB Annual Report, so that I can easily search for these emails. As always, I will compile the reports and issue in a single document.


Finally, thanks sincerely for all you are doing during this uncertain and stressful time. Everyone at the Library is heartened by all the virtual activities you are offering, as shown by our new calendar of events http://read.gov/cfb/affiliates-calendar.html


It is evidence of the seriousness with which you take your affiliation with the Library, and we are grateful that you are upholding and supporting so strongly the mission of the CFB here in Washington.


I believe we will emerge from this an even stronger organization of affiliated Centers for the Book.


Best to all of you and please be safe,