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I noticed that we don’t have any content in the events calendar yet, and wanted to mention that these don’t need to be events in the traditional sense. This isn’t only limited to livestreamed events or live webinars.


You can include the launch date of a video recording, a time period/launch date for when you will be releasing new digital content (photos, activities, videos, etc.), or the start date of a program (award submissions, contest, book club, etc.). The concept of “event” here is very flexible. You just need to be able to attach a launch date to the digital program. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Here is the link to the events calendar spreadsheet again (which has been fixed so that you can edit it):


And the google drive folder:


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Hey Deziree,


Wasn’t sure if this was on your radar, but all the files are view only right now. I was going to update but I can’t edit.


Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing everything that’s happening across our Centers being shared nationally!




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My goal is to launch this new web page, a Center for the Book state affiliates national events calendar, next week on Tuesday, May 5, and update it weekly going forward. It will have a fairly simple format, which will be similar in appearance to this press release listing: Events or programs listed on this page should be available digitally nationwide.


I have organized a spreadsheet on google drive for you to submit content, as that will be the simplest method to collect this information on a regular basis from everyone. See the end of this email for links. Please bookmark these links for later reference.


I’ve attached a word document with the content template and some real-world examples from our own virtual programming (on You will need to enter this content slightly differently in the spreadsheet, but this is a good place to start when organizing your event descriptions.


Before you submit your first events, please use the State Links for Event Calendar Spreadsheet (see below) to enter the link you want the “_____Center for the Book” line to link to on the calendar for all your events. This does not have to be your homepage. It can be your virtual programming landing page, event calendar, or other webpage. If you do not update this spreadsheet, I will use the website linked to here:


Please submit events by end of the day on Mondays, for posting on Tuesdays.


For now, I’d like to limit events to May (or 5 weeks out), until we get a sense of how much content will be included. This means you may enter any upcoming events or program launches through the end of May by the end of the day Monday, May 4, for posting on May 5. If you don’t have everything ready by then, you can keep adding events to the spreadsheet and they will be added to the website in the next update on May 12.


If you have any general questions about this through next Tuesday, I encourage you to ask them via the listserv, in case others have the same question.




·       Google Drive:

·       Events Calendar Spreadsheet:

·       State Links for Event Calendar Spreadsheet:

·       Help Document:

·       Example Spreadsheet:

·       “WebCalendar.docx” word document with content template and examples (also attached to this email):



Take care,


Deziree Arnaiz

Program Specialist

Center for the Book

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FYI—Deziree is working on a page for listing your programs, as requested in a recent virtual meeting. You will be hearing from her soon.