1.How are people handling series information for their monographs?

1)      Are you only recording transcribed series information from a monograph in the Series Statement of the Instance description or are you also recording the authorized form of the series in the Work description" In Series" element?

2)      If the latter are you also creating a new work record for the series/serial title?

3)      Should we be able to record and group enumeration data with the series/subseries URI in an In Series template in the Work description?

    Just an FYI re a practice we're implementing at NLM while issues about series are still being worked out.  Although there are series/subseries enumeration fields in the instance template, there is no way to associate that with the correct title if you have more than one series.  We are advising our catalogers ignore the series/subseries enumeration fields and instead transcribe enumeration directly in the Series/Subseries statement.

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