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The Ralph J. Bunche Library at the U.S. Department of State has just posted a vacancy announcement for Technical Information Specialists in the 1412 series.  We are looking for 4 candidates with strong online research skills to staff a new branch that is being added to the Library as part of a reorganization of the Department's Office of Information Programs and Services.  This new branch will be responsible for conducting complex research in response to Freedom of Information Act requests submitted to the Department of State.  This is a perfect opportunity for skilled researchers with an interest in international relations who are dedicated to government transparency.

The positions are being recruited at the GS 9/11 level, with promotion potential to GS 12.

Please be aware that the initial review of applications will be conducted by non-librarians.  Please pay careful attention to the qualifications and basic requirements listed in this vacancy announcement, and be sure to address them thoroughly in your application.

There are two announcements for the position.  Members of the public should apply to this announcement:<>

Current government employees or those who meet the eligibility requirements listed should apply to this announcement:<>

 Both announcements opened on June 22 and close on July 6, 2020

 About the Ralph J. Bunche Library: Founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1789 by Thomas Jefferson, the Library has the distinction of being the oldest federal library and is currently in its 230th year of continuous service to the men and women of the Department of State.  In 1997, it was dedicated to diplomat and Nobel Prize Winner Ralph J. Bunche.  Its extensive collection includes a number of historic documents, and chronicles the history of the Department and U.S. international relations.  The Library currently serves the 70,000 employees of the State Department serving throughout the United States and in hundreds of U.S. diplomatic missions in every part of the world.



 Julie Arrighetti

Chief Librarian

Ralph J. Bunche Library
Office of Information Programs and Services

U.S. Department of State

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