It is possible. I have never moderated a discussion with breakouts, but I have participated in such a discussion.


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Hi Everyone,

Would there be an opportunity for breakouts.  I understand that is possible with Zoom (Tim do you know?).  If so I know that the Route 1 Read states would like a breakout.  Perhaps Letters About Literature folks may want one. Any thoughts?


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All—I am excited to talk with all of you next week at our 2-day meeting, June 15 & 17, 2-4pm EDT.

I am attaching the agenda items we have so far. If you have any more please send soon and I will add them. Once we have all agenda items, I will assign a date and time.

Thanks for your input to our agenda. I wish we were meeting in person, but this virtual meeting will enable many more of our fellow affiliates to join us.

Talk to you next week.