Thank you, Guy. It is such a dark, heavy time of crisis right now that we are all of us – LOC, centers, and more- dealing with as well as doing what we can to help via  our work. Much appreciate openness to more time.



Lizz Sinclair

Director of Programs

Maine Humanities Council / Maine Center for the Book

674 Brighton Avenue

Portland, Maine 04102

(207) 773-5051 ext. 206


Maine communities transformed by the power & pleasure of ideas



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Guy, where do you want these sent other than sending via the listserve?



Nancy Medema Program Director

Coordinator, Iowa Center for the Book

State Library of Iowa | Des Moines Office
515.281-4328 | [log in to unmask]
1112 E. Grand Avenue | Des Moines, IA 50319



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All—the June 5 “deadline” I suggested for submitting annual reports is not set in stone. We (including me) are all learning to function in this new work environment, so please do not fret it you cannot complete the report by the end of this week. I appreciate all you are doing in these very uncertain times.


I will be glad to have that report when you are able to submit it.


Take care and stay safe.