Hi everyone- I apologize- having some significant challenges today - tech & other. Will try to come to meeting  when these get worked out. lizz


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Subject: CFB social media project concept


Great to see everyone today! As promised, I am sharing information from the CFB social media project concept from about three years ago. Joe noted this came about during Pam Jackson Murrell’s tenure as CFB Director. We didn’t quite get it off the ground, but I was joined by Kate (RI), Sarah (VA), Kim (MT), Josephine (CO), Julianna (CA), and Mary (NH) to brainstorm in an effort to make it a viable possibility. Momentum waned when I lost my assistant and couldn’t keep things going while short staffed.


Below are a few details from our earliest discussions and attached are several mock up images. If you like the idea of reviving this concept, please reply to me directly rather than the listserv—or maybe we can take a quick vote on it on Wednesday if everyone has had time to review. If there’s enough interest and we move forward, we can delve into things like “where can I put my logo” later.


Best, Andrea





The premise: Social media could be a great vehicle for highlighting the Centers for the Book network, while keeping the effort simple and customizable. I acknowledge that not all centers engage in social media in the same way and that some may opt out of this effort entirely should it move forward.


The idea: Create a series of images with text that highlights authors, literature, books, and literary history/events that could be used in conjunction with anniversaries, celebrations, historic dates, and deadlines related to our work with the LOC. A state center for the book might choose to use some, none or all of the images available.





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One Maryland One Book 2020 Announced

Our 2020 One Maryland One Book is The Island of Sea Women by Lisa See. The novel follows the decades-long friendship of two haenyeo (female divers) from Jeju Island in Korea. Learn more about One Maryland One Book 2020. Support lifelong learning for all Marylanders.