NLS Operations Alert

No. 20-37

DATE        :   June 8, 2020
TO            :   Network Libraries
FROM       :   Don Olson, Customer Service Specialist
SUBJECT :   BARD website updates

The BARD website was upgraded on Friday, June 5. Some of the upgrades will be evident to users, while others will provide BARD administrators better tools to assist users. The upgrades include:

For users

  *   Patrons can now subscribe to favorite book series. When a book in a series becomes available on BARD, the book will be added automatically to the Wish List. If patrons have notifications turned on, BARD will send an email letting them know that the book is now ready to be downloaded from the Wish List.
  *   A new tool is available from the BARD main page to manage subscriptions.
  *   Patrons can now change the BARD interface to display text in Spanish.

For administrators

  *   A new tool allows library staff to assist patrons with managing all of their subscriptions.
  *   A new tool gathers information about the number of patrons subscribed to a particular books series or magazine.
NOTE: Instructional materials for using the subscription tools are available on the Network Library Services website, under Training > BARD > How do I's for customer service<>, and How do I's for BARD administration<>.

Security upgrades

  *   BARD account-holders cannot reuse any of their previous eleven passwords.
  *   Patrons will not be able to change their own password (using the reset password link on the login screen) more than once per day. NOTE: BARD administrators can reset a patron's password regardless of whether the patron has already changed their password that day.
  *   BARD will no longer accept special characters in new passwords. When creating a new password, account holders should not include special characters, such as @, !, or &. NOTE: If a current password contains a special character, there is no need to create a new one. Existing passwords that use special characters will not be rejected by the BARD system.

Performing this update has also improved the computer code to allow BARD to be moved to the cloud, which will enable future service improvements such as device synchronization.

For more information, please contact:
Don Olson
Customer Service Specialist
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