Yes, the NACO Participants' Manual (, page 38) gives examples of citing archival sources:

Examples for Archival Materials and Manuscripts:

If manuscripts or archival collections are being cataloged, no "location of data" is necessary. Normally, it will be necessary to cite the main entry, due to the generic nature of the "title":

670 $a Austin, W.L. Papers, 1855-1932 $b (Burnham, Parry, Williams & Co.)

670 $a Johnston, A. Papers, 1865-1948 $b (Bethlehem Iron Company; later became the Bethlehem Steel Corporation)

670 $a Fowler, A.V. Papers, 1923-1970 $b (Albert W. Fowler; Albert Wose Fowler; Quaker librarian & archivist; b. 1940, son of Albert V. & Helen W. Fowler)

670 $a Oberlin College. Office of Business and Finance. Records, 1927-1988 $b (Lewis R. Tower, appointed first business manager of Oberlin College in 1954; retired in 1971)

The above examples do not follow DACS in the way the titles are formed.  Here are some that we created based on DACS descriptions:

670 $a Baetz, Ruth. Ruth Baetz papers, 1976-1999 ǂb (Ruth Baetz; Masters in Social Work from the University of Washington and has worked counseling lesbians at the Seattle Counseling Service for Sexual Minorities and at Family Services; lives in Seattle with her wife)

670 $a Stiefel, Doris J. Doris J. Stiefel papers, 1955-2008 ǂb (Doris J. Stiefel (1928- ) is a Seattle dentist; born in Aachen, Germany; arrived in Seattle in 1948 and entered the University of Washington Dental School in 1950; married Ernest Stiefel on Dec. 23rd, 1950; director of Dental Education in Care of the Disabled at the University of Washington from 1975-1994; member of the board of directors of the Caroline Kline Galland Home for the Aged in Seattle, Washington, and president of the North End Group of Hadassah in Seattle from 1966 until 1968; served as president of the Washington State Jewish Historical Society)

670 $a Cole, Dale W. Dale Cole papers, 1961-1992, via Archives West website, February 4, 2020: ǂb biographical note (Dale Warren Cole was born May 28, 1931 in Everett, Washington. He received a Ph.D. in Forest Soils from the University of Washington in 1963, followed by a career as a professor in the College of Forest Resources, University of Washington) ǂu

670 $a Eve Triem papers, 1921-1999, via Archives West website, May 3, 2019: ǂb biographical note (Eve Triem was born in New York City on November 2, 1902; grew up in San Francisco and attended the University of California at Berkeley. She married Paul Ellsworth Triem, a writer, in 1924 and they moved to Dubuque, Iowa in 1936; moved to San Francisco in 1956, where they resided until moving to Seattle in 1960. They had two children, Yvonne and Peter. Triem studied Greek classics at the Presbyterian Seminary at the University of Dubuque, and began to translate Greek poems. She died in 1992) ǂu

670 $a Anderson, Lloyd. Lloyd Anderson photograph collection, 1922-1929, via Archives West website, October 13, 2018: ǂb biographical note (Lloyd Alva Anderson; born in Roy, Washington on August 4, 1902; attended the University of Washington in Seattle and earned a degree in Electrical Engineering in 1924; began climbing mountains in 1929 and scaled over 400 peaks in his lifetime; founded Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) with Mary Anderson in 1938; worked as an engineer for the Seattle Transit System; retired in 1971; died Sept 13, 2000, aged 98) ǂu

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Subject: Creating names from archival resources

Are there any special procedures for creating a name from an archival source? It’s not practical for me to examine the items. What can I cite as the 670? Example: OCLC #187949614 for “Alumbaugh, Orvel”. Will

670 Finding aid: $b (Orvel Alumbaugh)

be sufficient?


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