On Sunday, 31 May 2020, OCLC began maintenance work on our systems at 2 a.m. (EDT) as part of our ongoing efforts to keep our systems current and secure. 


During this system upgrade and maintenance, we encountered unexpected technical issues that resulted in disruptions that impacted our services. As a result of these issues, it was necessary to restart systems and validate services before we were able to make them fully available to our customers. Systems and services were restored by 10 p.m. (EDT) Sunday. We apologize for this disruption and thank you for your patience as we worked to restore services.   


OCLC routinely schedules maintenance on our systems without incident. Although we cannot eliminate all risk during these events, we do our best to mitigate potential issues by testing in non-production environments, and by scheduling these events during times when we expect usage to be relatively low. In this case, we began work early Sunday morning (EDT) and knew that Monday was a holiday in some regions. 


We work diligently to ensure that OCLC systems and services meet high standards for security and performance. Ongoing upgrades and regularly scheduled maintenance are essential to meeting those standards. We are currently performing an analysis of the issues from this weekend and will be taking immediate steps to ensure that the impact of any future maintenance will be minimized. 


Again, we apologize for this service disruption, and we thank you for your patience and continued support. You can access current status as well as planned events any time on the OCLC Systems Status page at oc.lc/status.