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First, I’d like to express my deep appreciation to the PCC Communication Board for all of the care and hard work they put into producing the PCC Comm Channel for the past two years. What started as a pilot project in support of the PCC’s strategic direction to “maximize PCC’s organizational effectiveness” by exploring ways to “engage with the broader community” turned into two years of quarterly bulletins that shared news from and information about the PCC. The issues were always full of relevant and interesting information and were nicely laid out and easy to read, with photos of members to help us all put “faces to the names”.


While we received much positive feedback about the Comm Channel, we also realize that putting the newsletter together has been a very work-intensive process for the members of the Communication Board and that the next few years are going to be quite busy for everyone. There are many other areas that could use our most valuable resources -- our members who volunteer to take on these tasks.


For this reason, the PCC Steering Committee made the decision to discharge the PCC Communication Board after this May/June 2020 issue of the PCC Comm Channel, which completes the two-year pilot. We have planned, however, to continue engaging more with PCC members through official quarterly communiques from the PCC Chair, sent to the PCC list at the end of each quarter (November, February, May, and August). Please keep your eyes and ears open for a call from the Chair for news items and updates.


Stay safe and be well.




Jennifer Baxmeyer (she/her)

Chair, Program for Cooperative Cataloging Policy Committee

Interim Assistant University Librarian for Metadata Services

Princeton University Library

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Hello List Members,
Please excuse cross postings!
The new issue (Feb/May 2020) of the PCC newsletter called the PCC Comm Channel is posted and may be accessed here: 


Feel free to share this link with people in your department or institution that may be interested in the activities of the PCC.  As you will read in this issue, the PCC Communication Board has been discharged and this is our last issue.  Thank you to everyone who responded to our requests for information and thank you for reading!

Your PCC Communication Board:

Michelle Hahn
Indiana University

 Kate Harcourt
Columbia University

Casey Mullin
Western Washington University
Candy Riley