Fwiw the Wikipedia article cites an obituary putting his age at 87 in the reference supporting the dates, so it looks like 1932 is correct. 

Mike Monaco
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Wikipedia and Wikiframe are no more credible than the original source cited in the NAR; probably less so.  A couple of the obituaries cited in the Wikipedia say he died at age 87, which would be true if he was born in 1932.  You can cite other sources in 670s, but I  wouldn't change the birth date in the 100.

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Hello all

I'm updating a name authority record (ARN 4032326 - Marwah, Ved, 1932-).

It was added by LC in '95 and the 670 lists the birth year as 1932.

However, Wikifame and Wikipedia lists the birth year as 1934.



What's the best way to handle this discrepency?

Thank you all