Yikes-- saw my original post and it was just one big illegible blob so I am replying to myself to repost in a better format.  My apologies for the duplication, but hopefully this one is easier to read. Thanks.

Hello --

Upon doing an original bib record for a vinyl/LP album called Blood Harmony by "FINNEAS", I soon realized that this was a stage name for a one Finneas O'Connell: no2019152593 / 12506734.

In addition to this LP/source, I found other evidence to further verify that indeed this was a separate identity situation.

Here's a link to the artist's webpage: one can see find links to his Twitter, Spotify, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Soundcloud accounts-all using "FINNEAS".

Last week, when I asked how best to revise this NAR for O'Connell, Finneas 1997- (since it contained 024 URI fields) Adam Schiff kindly went in and upgraded this record with fresh Wikidata and VIAF URIs. {Thanks again Adam!}

Yesterday I completed the revision work on the NAR for:

no2019152593 O'Connell, Finneas, 1997-

I updated this record with his middle name, additional 670 data that helps links the 2 identities & providing references for his contributions in various works-- as an actor (with |u sources). Most importantly I turned the 400 0 Finneas |d 1997- into a 500 0.

I created a new NAR for:

no2020073267 Finneas, |d 1997-

I used elements focused primarily on his contributions as a musician, and of course, adding the reciprocal 500 1 for O'Connell, Finneas, 1997-

As of right now, there are no URIs in my new record for Finneas: no2020073267 / 13006868 and only URIs in the original record for Finneas O'Connell. I leave it here for someone else { hello Adam Schiff } in the PCC URIs in MARC Project to consider adding/updating new 024/URI field(s) for my newly created NAR.

Both NARs are still showing in distribution as of this morning.

Best Regards, Sally

Sally DuMont Catalog Librarian at The Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County [log in to unmask]