Thanks Adam, much appreciated.

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>>> Adam L Schiff <[log in to unmask]> 06/22/20 1:37 AM >>>
  Only participants in the PCC URIs in MARC Pilot Project are currently
allowed to add or edit 024 fields.  For everyone else, the moratorium
 The DCM Z1 should be followed by NACO libraries.  It will be revised
when field 024 can be added by any NACO participant:
 “Do not add field 024 to an authority record. As of September 2018,
there is a moratorium on adding this field in authority records (see An
announcement will be made when catalogers  may use this field again.”
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   Hi all
 Sorry I deleted the response to this and I've just had a query from our
library's management regarding ISNI and its use in records. What is the
official position on this?

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 >>> Richard Guinn <[log in to unmask]> 06/05/20 6:33 PM >>>
  Hello all
 deepest apologies for being behind the curve on this - but are we now
allowed to put ISNI or VIAF into the 024 of name authority  records?
 There was a moratorium on adding these and I heard that a decision on
adding the 024 fields was to be made at the 2019 ALA Midwinter.   
However, I haven't heard anything.
 I did a quick search for the PCC Task Group on Identity Management in
NACO group - but didn't find anything that addresses this.
 Thanks for any feedback
 Richard Lee Guinn
 Cataloging Librarian
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