These types of records drive me crazy!  Often I would like to use a subject heading like Lawyers--Fiction, but the authority record causes it to flip to Legal stories (which is not necessarily appropriate for the work I'm cataloging).  Now that we have LCGFT, I wonder if it should be proposed to have these 450s removed.  Then we could use Lawyers--Fiction, Christmas--Fiction, or Hunting--Fiction if we want to, and additionally apply the LCGFT term when appropriate. 





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Subject: [PCCLIST] "Christmas stories" and similar subject headings




There are certain LCSH headings like “Christmas stories” and “Hunting stories” which have long worried me a bit.


These headings have the cross references “Christmas – Fiction” and “Hunting – Fiction.”  If you want to use a subject heading to say that a work is fiction about Christmas, you’re led through the cross reference to the 150 “Christmas stories.”  That’s used instead of the topic + form combination “Christmas – Fiction.”


Yet “Christmas stories” looks very like a form/genre heading.  And there’s already a perfectly good LCGFT heading, “Christmas fiction.”  So do you abandon your 650, instead using only a 655, “Christmas fiction?”


My guess is no.  Why should we not have a 650 to say that what we’re cataloging is about Christmas?  We routinely give topical headings, subdivided  by form, to works of fiction, and “Christmas stories” is the authority-mandated substitute here for the topical heading “Christmas” subdivided by form “fiction.”  I’m thinking that “Christmas stories” is perfectly acceptable as a 650 for a novel about Christmas.  (Not just for a collection of Christmas stories.  The novel would get the heading “Christmas – Fiction” were that not unacceptable, so it gets “Christmas stories.”)


Does this sound correct?


Pete Wilson

Vanderbilt University