Team sports also fit into this same issue. (Baseball stories, Soccer stories, etc.)


However, individual sports tend to be different, although some also have the “stories” headings. And eSports (leaving aside the question of whether something done while stationary can be a sport) also would take a fiction form subdivision. (Chess, which seems to me more analogous to eSports than track or wrestling, also does not have one of these “stories” headings.)


I believe this is one of the relics of the past that we just have to live with.


Preston Salisbury

Assistant Professor and Monographic Cataloger

Mississippi State University


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Subject: Re: [PCCLIST] "Christmas stories" and similar subject headings


These types of records drive me crazy!  Often I would like to use a subject heading like Lawyers--Fiction, but the authority record causes it to flip to Legal stories (which is not necessarily appropriate for the work I'm cataloging).  Now that we have LCGFT, I wonder if it should be proposed to have these 450s removed.  Then we could use Lawyers--Fiction, Christmas--Fiction, or Hunting--Fiction if we want to, and additionally apply the LCGFT term when appropriate. 





Michelle Cronquist

Special Collections Cataloger

Special Collections Technical Services

CB#3926, Wilson Library

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill




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Subject: [PCCLIST] "Christmas stories" and similar subject headings




There are certain LCSH headings like “Christmas stories” and “Hunting stories” which have long worried me a bit.


These headings have the cross references “Christmas – Fiction” and “Hunting – Fiction.”  If you want to use a subject heading to say that a work is fiction about Christmas, you’re led through the cross reference to the 150 “Christmas stories.”  That’s used instead of the topic + form combination “Christmas – Fiction.”


Yet “Christmas stories” looks very like a form/genre heading.  And there’s already a perfectly good LCGFT heading, “Christmas fiction.”  So do you abandon your 650, instead using only a 655, “Christmas fiction?”


My guess is no.  Why should we not have a 650 to say that what we’re cataloging is about Christmas?  We routinely give topical headings, subdivided  by form, to works of fiction, and “Christmas stories” is the authority-mandated substitute here for the topical heading “Christmas” subdivided by form “fiction.”  I’m thinking that “Christmas stories” is perfectly acceptable as a 650 for a novel about Christmas.  (Not just for a collection of Christmas stories.  The novel would get the heading “Christmas – Fiction” were that not unacceptable, so it gets “Christmas stories.”)


Does this sound correct?


Pete Wilson

Vanderbilt University