When you use the OCLC workform for continuing resources to create a new record, the default value is "0", for successive entry.  What you might be seeing are boo-boos where people forgot to change them to "2".   It's hard to say without having specific examples.

Sometimes it's hard to tell whether something is a monograph in a binder as opposed to an updating looseleaf publication, or whether it's a static online document as opposed to an updating website.

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Subject: [PCCLIST] Confusion about Integrated Entry (008/34 or 006/17)

I hope you are all well during these trying times.

I have some confusion about when to use Integrated Entry as a cataloging convention for integrated resources (print and online). Do we only use this entry convention when there is a change in the resource? Or do we always use it when cataloging an integrated resource?

Module 35 of the CCM:
"IR.7.13 008: Entry convention (008/34 or 006/17)
This code byte should be coded 2 to reflect integrated entry cataloging conventions."

OCLC Bib Formats:
"S/L:  Entry Convention
Integrated entry. A record is cataloged under its latest (most recent) title and/or responsible person or corporate body. Create a new record only for a major change in edition, a new work or a title merger or split. Use for integrating resources and electronic serials that do not retain their earlier titles. Refer to LCRI 12.0B1 or LC-PCC PS for further information regarding the use of S/L code 2 for electronic serials."

I'm not well-versed enough to search the OCLC database to find examples of integrated resources that don't use the 2 in the S/L byte of the 008, but I know I've seen them.

Thanks, in advance, for your help in clearing this up for me.

- Alexis

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