*****Posting this on behalf of Sally McCallum, Chief of the Network Development and MARC Standards Office at the Library of Congress.*****

Dear PCC Members,

​Thank you for your interest in the MAC Committee meetings.  The Committee wishes to be open and transparent.   We are trying to go into this first virtual meeting slowly as we do not know yet how easy it will be for the moderator (the chair) to control the meeting with over 20 MAC members, and run official polls and record votes on decisions at the same time.  Our biggest concern is to assure that the committee members have good communication for the meeting and hopefully no tech issues.    Once we have a good handle on how to proceed we will open it up more widely. 

As always we will always reach out to those who submit proposals or who have a vested interest in the proceedings to discuss the topics when they can be attend.  Meetings will be recorded.  More information will be forth coming as we adjust to this new way of conducting our meetings. 

I want to assure you that NDMSO always strives to be very transparent in its maintenance of the MARC format and plans to continue this practice.


Sally McCallum ​