I personally would not change the existing 400, even though it appears to be wrong. I would consider adding a 2nd 400 with the correct spelling for the variant title you have.

Alternatively, since the NAR was created by LC, you could ask them to investigate further.


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Howdy Karen,


                Cringe … I would go into OCLC and see what the BIB record has in the 245, and use that title.  If it is what is on the container, that needs to be in the BIB record as a 246, but not, I would think, in the Authority record.


                Just my $.02


-          Hank


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Hi, everyone;


Our music cataloguer has just drawn my attention to what appears to be an error on nar n 2016056674 for Raum, Elizabeth, 1945- Concertos, violin, orchestra.


Looks like there was a typo on the container (maybe) – but in any case, the only 400 on the record is incorrect in that it apparently does not reflect the actual variant title of the composition – which is in fact Faces of Woman, not Faces of Women.


If assuming a typo on the container as reflected in the 670, may I confirm that the existing 400 is left in place, and we add on with the correct title?




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