You can search the titles of the works found in 670 in OCLC and usually find subject headings on the bib records.  The one born 1981 has a 372, which is a subject the person wrote on.  The one born 1962 was an “editor of ‘Xiamen wen xue’” as stated in the 670.



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Subject: [PCCLIST] Plea for subjects on name authority records


I wanted to make a plea to add some English-language subject information in authority records, perhaps especially for writers with East Asian names. In the Alma catalog there is an "Authority Control Task List" where we are encouraged to differentiate personal names. This morning I attempted to do that with the name Liu, An. We have a work in our catalog by this person called Design and development of an affordable telemetry system (2018). Now there are four An Liu's. Two had birth dates of 1962 and 1981, which seem possible for this author. The 1981 name doesn't seem likely because it says he (or she, not sure of the gender) was an attorney. With 1962 we have information that he or she is an author and editor. Author and editor of what?


Now, of course we can't expect catalogers to know the subject of a book if it is in Chinese. But if you are going to create an authority for an American name authority file, it is not very useful if a cataloger can't know what sorts of things the author wrote on. And actually An Liu is easier than a lot of other East Asian names. There are often many authors with the same name. 


Thanks for considering this. 


Ted Gemberling

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