I was disappointed that Kurt's was the only letter shared, but maybe 
there were no others.  The pandemic has created an environment that 
fosters impatience and anxiety, and where people react swiftly to what 
they see and experience.  The subject under consideration is a struggle 
for equality of economic, judicial, and social opportunity that has been 
percolating since slaves were taken and used to build this country, and 
indigenous people were subjected to intentional and casual genocide.  
Unfortunately, we live in a time when articulate orators are a rarity, 
and there are few, fewer today, who can express the angst that so many 
are feeling.  Three or six word slogans may be all we have, but even if 
they lack the orator's finesse, they will have to due.  "Black Lives 
Matter"; "Get your knee off my neck", "Enough"

Does ARSC have a role in this struggle? I would say yes, but I am only 
one.  For those of you that may ask "why?", I say, because we are the 
caretakers of history.

I am glad Kurt wrote his letter, and that Cory poked the ARSCList, 
otherwise we might have another 300 years of festering pain and 
anguish.  I'll be dead by then.  I would like to see life better for 
everyone before I go.


Charles Reinsch
KRAB Archive:

On 7/19/2020 5:24 PM, Corey Bailey wrote:

> Hi All,
> In the last newsletter, there was an open letter to the ARSC 
> membership titled "Letters to the Editor" by Kurt Nauck.
> Anyone care to comment on that letter?
> ~CB
> Corey Bailey Audio Engineering