God’s hooks!

I was puzzled when the statements that Kurt just replied to appeared in 
my email awhile back. Puzzled, somewhat disturbed, and a bit 
apprehensive, I decided to wait and see what developed.

I have just received the Summer 2020 issue of the ARSC Newsletter with 
Kurt’s letter in it. I have just read that but have still not gotten to 
the rest of the newsletter. Judging by the member response onlist so far 
there are/were more than a few of us awaiting said developments.

Thanks for breaching the dam, Kurt. I may or may not agree with your 
ideas but I’m glad you voiced them.

Bottom line? I feel that delineating the obvious and making it policy 
may be a step in the wrong direction. In my experience we ARSC members 
are not a bigoted lot. Or a sexist lot. Or an anything else lot except a 
lot of record collectors, engineers, discographers, historians, etc., 
all of whom have sometimes wide differences but all of which have one 
thing in common. Music and recorded media. All the rest of the hoo-rah 
is unnecessary.

Who is ARSC attempting to impress? Are we going to suffer a declining 
membership - which has been suggested - because we have no written 
policy on such matters? Is an attempt to be politically correct in print 
going to win the hearts of those out there who are not ARSC members and 
gather them into the fold? I think not. What we do we may consider as 
enlightened self-interest and requires no further justification.

You may think of me as a dotty uncle, an in-law or whatever you choose. 
That’s okay with me. But I cannot help but note that there are a whole 
batch of others like me in ARSC. I celebrate our diversity. Whether a 
person rises or falls in my opinion of them as an individual depends 
entirely on their actions, not in their prejudices or lack thereof.

In my not-so humble opinion ARSC putting this line of thinking on paper 
and making it part of our /raison d’etre/ is absolutely unnecessary.

That’s it from me.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. Chet?

Malcolm Rockwell


On 7/19/2020 2:24 PM, Corey Bailey wrote:
> Hi All,
> In the last newsletter, there was an open letter to the ARSC 
> membership titled "Letters to the Editor" by Kurt Nauck.
> Anyone care to comment on that letter?
> ~CB
> Corey Bailey Audio Engineering