On 7/17/2020 7:26 PM, Corey Bailey wrote:

> This is not about ISP's & most likely off topic, however for those of you with 
> websites, here is something that I learned:
> The problem started when I was not receiving emails that I knew had been 
> replied to. The 'no replies' list, as it grew, included some very astute 
> institutions, many universities & the LOC, just to name a few. Repeated 
> inquiries to the hosting company generated variations of the same unacceptable 
> answer: "There's nothing we can do." After some poking around, I learned that 
> many of the hosting companies are under one umbrella, owned by one company & 
> they are not willing to divulge that fact. As many as 50+ hosting companies are 
> on the same server with a firewalled front end that distributes data to them 
> all (a hosting mall, of sorts). Well, that firewall turned out to be the 
> culprit & that was the reason that my hosting company could do nothing about my 
> email problem. My answer to the problem was to go shopping for a hosting 
> company that owned their own servers & would give me full control over the data 
> that was addressed to me. In fact, those two requirements became two of the 
> qualifying questions that I asked. In the process, I was surprised to learn 
> that many, many hosting companies are pawns in this type of game. This narrowed 
> the field considerably but, eventually I picked a hosting company. So now, I 
> make my own stupid mistakes.  :-)

OK Corey... spill the beans... who did you finally find?

I've been down the road myself... I was very happy with Lunarpages before they 
were bought out by HOSTPAPA, a real dreary bunch to say the least.
They won't take ownership of fouling up some parts of my website, and take 
responsibility to fix what they fouled!

I have just ordered hosting from GODADDY who has been my domain registrar for 
years.  Now I face the job of migrating to them.

... Graham Newton

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