As the person who initiated meetings leading to the founding of 
ARSC, we were trying to find out who had what and get these various 
collectors and collections talking to one another.
     ARSC has become a group I probably never dreamed could do the 
things that are being done for preservation, for working with LC and 
other organizations, with grants for research, and copyright issues; 
     But to get into "behavioral issues" was never the purpose or the 
bailiwick of this organization other than copyright issues. Working with 
people of any ideology other than my own would not keep me from my tasks 
and work with ARSC members.
      I now work as editor of two publications of our large writers 
organization. The only things I reject are 'straight political,' unless 
it is part of a larger story, and 'rants.'
     I agree with Kurt. ARSC should not be concerned with 'diversity' 
given we have that in all the recordings we are hoping to preserve. Find 
collectors and invite them in!

Paul Jackson

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On 7/19/2020 5:24 PM, Corey Bailey wrote:
> Hi All,
> In the last newsletter, there was an open letter to the ARSC 
> membership titled "Letters to the Editor" by Kurt Nauck.
> Anyone care to comment on that letter?
> ~CB
> Corey Bailey Audio Engineering