I am in search of a series of radio broadcasts made by L. Ron Hubbard on
the subject of Dianetics in December 1950.

What I know is there were 65 separate broadcasts, each 15 minutes in
length, which were recorded on 16” discs by the Progressive Broadcasting
System (PBS) and sent to member stations.  PBS was a radio network in
Hollywood, CA, that existed for just a few months in late 1950 and
early 1951.

I recently found a pair of 16” PBS promotional transcription discs which
include an introduction by Harry Von Zell of L. Ron Hubbard, and 90 seconds
of audio by Mr. Hubbard from what I believe is the first of these 65
recordings.  I’ve attached images of the discs.

I’m pretty sure the segments were recorded at PBS' flagship radio
station, *KGFJ
in Los Angeles*.  KGFJ definitely broadcast the 15-minute recordings Monday
through Friday at 5:30pm each day, from January 2, 1951, through March 26,

A newspaper advertisement from early 1951 announced dates and times for
airing the broadcasts on *KAFP in Petaluma**, **CA*.  Other stations that
may have broadcast the recordings were *WIL in St. Louis, WCFL in Chicago,
and* *WNJR in Newark*.

I would appreciate it if you would let me know based on the above if you
have any suggestions for me or contacts you could forward that might be of
assistance in finding these missing recordings.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.