Well stated, Tim. If that's a motion, I second it!


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Full support for you Sammy. Your integrity and restraint here is a
model to be emulated.

Tim Gillett

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 Thanks to Sarah and Gary for their comments of support. I suspect the
people calling my credentials into question, and questioning my
motives (and hurling accusations of racism and white supremacy about
things I have said or not said) would not do so if they knew anything
about me or my beliefs.

 I have already expressly said that I hate racism, am not a racist,
and despise white supremacy. It's sad that I had to make that
statement. But fine, it doesn't hurt me to say I'm not a racist,
though it certainly pains me to be called one.

 An apology for some of these hurtful comments would not be
inappropriate. Certainly my reputation has been needlessly dragged
through the mud here on this list.

 Sammy Jones

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