To encourage the adoption of linked data in libraries, the Linked Data for Production project (LD4P) hopes to support the building of a community-based home and structure for community-focused initiatives like conferences, affinity groups, and open-source tools.
If you’re interested in linked data in libraries, please take a few minutes to fill out this survey so that LD4P leadership can gauge the level of interest in and support for community-focused and community-based resources and activities. All survey questions are optional and the survey is anonymous unless you choose to include your name and contact information.

This survey also includes questions about the recent LD4 2020 conference. If you didn’t attend the conference, just answer “no” to the first question and you won’t be shown the conference-related questions. Even if you missed the conference, you can check out the session recordings on the conference schedule and video playlist.

Survey link:

Please take the survey by August 10th. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with valuable feedback as we move ahead with plans to support community-focused initiatives.

Sent by Michelle Futornick, LD4P Program Manager, on behalf of

LD4P Principal Investigators:
Jason Kovari and Simeon Warner (Cornell University)
Dave Eichmann (University of Iowa School of Library and Information Science)
Tom Cramer and Philip Schreur (Stanford University)